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Doing Dreamwork Together

Lake Champlain © Katrina Dreamer

What can you expect if you work with me to help you better understand a dream?

The most important thing to know is that I firmly believe that the dreamer who had the dream is the biggest authority on what that dream means to them. I don't find dream dictionaries useful and I always ask questions about what dream symbols mean to the dreamer. This is crucial. Just because owls are harbingers of death in some cultures, that doesn't mean your dream of an owl is signaling death. Your own associations with owl, combined with the actions and appearance of the owl in your dream, have much more importance than what anyone else thinks about them.

Depending on the content of the dream and your initial feelings about and/or associations with the dream, there are several directions we could go. 

We might utilize Jung's technique of active imagination, essentially bringing to life an aspect of your dream and interacting with it. To continue the owl example, this could be having a conversation with the owl, asking you draw a picture of the owl, or acting out what it would feel like to be the owl.

I might ask you if there are any body sensations related to the owl. Then we would explore that sensation, using techniques to understand and feel it more deeply. 

I may also help you brainstorm ways in which you could interact with owls in waking life. Perhaps there is a raptor rescue program or forest in your area where you could observe owls or even volunteer to help rehabilitate them. 

Most importantly, I am not here to tell you what your dream means based on my thoughts and observations. Rather, I am here to help guide you toward a deeper understanding of your dream. I illuminate the path, but you walk it.  

Dreamwork sessions are generally one hour and can happen in person or online.

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