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Long-Distance Healings

Learn how a healing on the phone or online is as effective as an in-person healing.

It can seem strange at first that I could give an energy healing to someone in Australia or Italy when I'm in Vermont (and I have). But that's the cool thing about doesn't matter where you are, I can still connect with you and provide an effective healing, even if we are on the phone or FaceTime.

It's something I've been doing for ten years, and here is how I explain it: energy is energy. Yes, it's that simple. And that complicated. (I could get into a discussion on quantum entanglement here, but I'm going to keep it light; check out Dean Radin's work).

We are all connected to one another. When I do a healing, I am "reading" that energy clairvoyantly and empathically; I am "seeing" images of what is happening in your energy field and I am also sensing it in my body.

You might be more aware of how this works than you realize. Think about your own interactions with others on the phone or on an online communication platform. Have you ever had a really sad conversation with someone on the phone or a heated argument where you could sense the other person's emotions, despite the distance? It's the same thing with an energy healing. It doesn't matter whether you are in the room with me or on another continent.

I offer several different types of long-distance healings, including emotional healing, ancestral healing, and even space clearing. Most recently, I cleared someone's apartment in New York City. Some photographs of the apartment served as a visual aid (I am not a remote viewer) and I was able to clear out old, stuck energy left over from a past relationship.

Another client in San Francisco Bay Area did a series of ancestral healings with me that helped her clear out incidents from her ancestral line that were making it difficult for her to move forward in her relationships. Once we did the healings, she was able to navigate them more smoothly.

If you are interested in a long-distance healing, please get in touch!

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