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Make Your Own Dream Divination Deck

About five years ago I created a dream divination deck as a fun way to work with my dreams.

It contained 24 cards with familiar dream themes: the four elements, a man, a woman, children, car, bus, mountain, seed, ocean, and others. This was a base I could add to as I discovered my own personal dream themes.

I wrote up a small booklet to go with it that contained general information about the 24 themes and association questions to ask about the them. If you didn't get a copy when I first sent it out to this list, please email me and I will send you a copy as my Solstice gift to you!

The end of the year would be a great time for you to create your own dream divination deck. Think of themes or symbols that are common in your dreams. The fabulous thing is that this deck would be highly personal to you. Once you choose your initial themes and symbols, find images in magazines, take your own pictures, or paint or draw them and add them to a piece of card stock or thin cardboard. Make them any size you like, but making them sturdy is a good idea if you plan to use the deck often.

Once you have your core images, you can use the deck like you would any other divination deck.

For instance, you could hold a question in mind and pull a card, thinking about the energy and meaning that symbol or theme holds for you. Or, you could pull three cards to assess the past, present, and future of a situation. Another idea is if you didn't remember a dream from the night, ask the cards what theme is present in your life at the moment. My only guideline is to ask questions with reverence and to trust the wisdom that comes.

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