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PsiberDreaming Presentation

The 2018 International Association for the Study of Dreams PsiberDreaming Conference starts September 23, and Mary Kay and I will be presenting a workshop called "Being with the Dream; Being with Earth." In it, we provide practices to help you develop a deep connection with a particular place in nature as well as practices to help you discover a relationship with places in dreams.

Our presentation goes live on September 25, and you will be able to interact with us in real time as you explore these practices.

If you've never participated in this conference, here's how it works. The conference is completely online and runs for two full weeks. During this time various presenters will share papers and workshops via threads within the conference web site. Additionally, there are awesome psi games, like a dream telepathy contest, that make the conference fun and interactive. You can learn more and register here.

The best thing about this conference is that it is inexpensive, even for non-members, and it is free if you join the IASD before the conference!

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