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Simple Grounding Meditation

dusk light on water and sand
River rocks by Katrina Dreamer

One of my favorite tools to teach is how to ground. It helps you feel more centered, connected, and confident, and can also allow you to be more present with people and situations.

I've recorded the steps as an audio file and you can find them here. I've been told people like to listen to it before a big meeting, an important exam, or a difficult conversation.

First, get into a comfortable position. It is best to be seated and have feet on the floor. If this doesn’t work for you, that’s fine. Close your eyes. Take a couple of deep breaths.

Sink into your body. Feel your feet, your legs, your hips, your torso, your shoulders, your neck, your head. Sense the room around you. Breathe.

Now, imagine a root growing directly from the base of your spine where your first chakra is located. This root is growing down into the earth. Through the floor boards, through the dirt, through the earth’s crust, all the way down into the hot center of the earth.

See your root making a strong, solid connection to the earth. Imagine now that your root is hollow in the middle and you can send whatever energy you no longer need down the center of your root to the center of the earth. Negative thoughts, fear, worry, any emotions that are holding you back. Send them down your root. Feel them slipping away, feel yourself releasing them. You no longer need them. Breathe.

Now connect with the bottoms of your feet. There is a chakra on the bottom of each foot located at the ball of your foot. Imagine that you’re opening these chakras wider. Make them as wide as you like; the bigger they are, the more earth energy you can let in. You’ll know what feels right to you. Once you’ve settled on the perfect size, imagine earth energy flowing up through those chakras into your feet. Next, the energy flows into your legs, up your shins and calves and up your thighs until it reaches the base of your spine and your first chakra. The energy then flows down your grounding root, creating a loop. Feel that earth energy cleansing and clearing. Sit like this for a moment. Breathe.

Now connect with a star above you. Imagine that star sending down white cosmic energy into your seventh chakra at the top of your skull. See that energy flowing in through your seventh. You have two channels on either side of your spine…imagine this cosmic energy is flowing down these channels through all your chakras until it reaches your first chakra. There, it will mix with the earth energy. A bit of that earth energy travels up the front of your body with the cosmic energy through two similar channels up the front of your body. As it goes, it’s cleaning and clearing your chakras.

When this energy reaches your heart, it branches out, down both your arms and out your hands into your aura. The rest of this energy travels up your neck and head and out the top of your head, back to the star.

Now you have two loops flowing: the earth energy from below and the cosmic energy from above. Sit for a moment and feel this energy flowing through your body. This energy is helping you clear out old energy, release what you no longer need, and is creating space for the things you’d like to bring in. Feel that flow. The cosmic energy coming in and going out, the earth energy coming in and going out, and all the energy you need to release flowing down your grounding cord.

Last, imagine a brilliant golden sun above your head. This sun is made up of pure, positive energy. Picture and feel this sun slowly sinking into the top of your head like a pat of butter. As it sinks further into you, into your neck and shoulders, into your torso, into your stomach and hips, your legs, and into your feet, notice yourself feeling clearer and more relaxed. Imagine that some of the energy from that sun travels down your grounding root. You can give yourself as many suns as you like. With each one, take the time to imagine it sinking into you and down your grounding root.

When you’re ready, open your eyes.

Use this before bed, when you wake up in the morning, or any time you need to feel extra connected to the earth and your heart.

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