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Published Writing

"Why I'm Exhausted"

January 2024, The Covid Logs, Vol. 1

Unpacking Internalized Ableism
March 2023,

7 Tips for Traveling with Food Allergies
February 2023, Tripadvisor

Paying the Disability Tax 
January 2023,

10 Accessible Trails to Hike in Colorado
October 2022, Tripadvisor

Why Chronically Ill and Disabled Friends are Magic
November 2022,
I'm Self-Employed Because I'm Chronically Ill
November 2022,

Why I'm Exhausted

November 2022, poem
Transgender Men and Endometriosis
October 2022,
I'm Not a Lady or an Endo Sister
August 2022,

I've been writing for more than 20 years. I hold a bachelor's of arts in English and a bachelor's of science in Journalism, both from CU Boulder.


I started writing as a reporter, and found that the stressful and fast-paced environment wasn't a good match for me.


I shifted into freelancing and have written for various newspapers, magazines, journals, and web sites, including The Denver Post and the Oakland Tribune. I also wrote a chapter in the psychology anthology Rebearths: Conversations with a World Ensouled. Recently, I have written articles for and Tripadvisor

In 2024, I published a zine, The Covid Logs Vol. 1, with my co-editor Michelle Dawn. The zine highlights the art and words of the disabled and chronically ill communities about what it has been like to navigate the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. It also featured my poem "Why I'm Exhausted."

I'm working on a memoir about divorce, chronic illness, and coming out as queer and nonbinary. I am currently seeking representation. 

Additionally, I write children's picture books from the identities of activist, naturalist, educator, and dreamer, and therefore my books feature stories about the natural world, the LGBTQIA+ community, imagination, dreams, and empowerment. I am actively querying and I participate in the 12x12 writing challenge as a gold member. I belong to a couple of critique groups, and I've attended the Highlights Summer Camp, the Picture Book Summit, Revision Season, and Children's Book Academy. 

I've been writing blogs on and off since 2004, both on this site and my tutoring site

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