What is a 

Spiritual Healing?

As a spiritual healer, I use shamanic healing techniques and work with your energy system (your aura and chakras) to help you experience increased clarity, access your inner wisdom, and find the motivation to move forward. 


As a trained intuitive healer, I can do extraction and soul retrieval, work with past lives, heal ancestral wounds, clear stuck energy, and help you feel more love, relaxation, happiness, strength, empowerment, and freedom

After a healing, you may experience improved relationships, reduced stress, clarity, and fewer blocks. These healings can also help connect you with your own intuitive wisdom. 


I can also help clear spaces, including your home or office. 


I received training in energy healing from Intuitive Way.


Sessions are $100 per hour and take place in person, either inside our outside, or on Skype/phone. Contact me to schedule a session.

Energy Tools Workshops

I also teach people how to work with their energy system to help them feel more confident, comfortable with themselves, and successful. Learning how to ground, strengthen your boundaries, release energy, and tap into your intuition is a powerful way to transform your life.


Classes are for sensitive, empathic, intuitive people who work as healers, therapists, teachers, bodyworkers, nurses, hair stylists or anyone who works with a large number of people. They can help you avoid burn-out, learn how to stop taking on your clients' energy, and regain clarity. 

Most recently I presented at the University of Vermont Women's Center's Women@Noon series and the 2017 Dismantling Rape Culture Conference. 

And find clarity TODAY