Dreamwork and energy healing are powerful. 

Read below to find out the many ways Katrina has helped people find more clarity, insight, confidence, and comfort in their own skin.

My brother and I had a housemate who was skittish and rather odd.  After about six months, she moved out. I jokingly asked Katrina to come and clear the space, but as soon as I walked back into the house the day this woman left, I was glad help was on the way. It was as if the whole house was seething with anxiety; agitated, unsettled, and smelling of vomit (though there was no actual vomit anywhere). I felt frantic.

As a psychologist trained in offering evidence-based treatments (in the very narrow Western frame of what counts as "scientific"), I don’t have a frame of understanding what Katrina did and it would be easy for me to be skeptical.  But I can tell you that the energy of the house was completely transformed after she cleared the room—and we had absolutely lovely housemates in that room ever after. The other thing I can tell you is that this housemate had shared with me some of the very difficult things that had happened in her childhood.  As Katrina cleared the room, she would tell me what she saw and felt in the room—and it lined up exactly with what our housemate had suffered! (Needless to say, I had not shared her history with Katrina.) I was a believer in a different way after that day!

/// Barclay

Katrina has all the gifts and skills of an intuitive and compassionate communicator. She helped me decode various symbols and themes from my dreams, and brought clarity to a situation that had previously brought me great distress. Since our session I’ve been able to move forward with new energy and confidence, and I have a deeper understanding of myself. I highly recommend her services!

I found today’s session very insightful. It helped me clear up some things and made me aware that I have been overlooking some potentially important, though subtle, messages in my dreams.


The work we did in our session was incredible. Everything made sense on a deep level and the energy shifts seemed to continue for a number of days.

/// Demetra

/// Catherine

/// Catherine

Katrina is sharp, empathetic, and ethical, and these gifts form a solid foundation for her work as a healer. With Katrina I feel seen, affirmed, and safe, and leave with new insights to contemplate as I eye the next steps on my path.

/// R.W.

Working with Katrina has been my first experience with spiritual healings. After working with her several times, I feel grateful for her expertise. I find the healings extremely insightful and helpful. Working with her has enhanced my healing process because she is incredibly in-depth and grounding. I would trust and recommend her to anyone.

/// D.H.

After my healing session with Katrina, I experienced many tangible changes. My worries about a new relationship disappeared immediately after my session. This softening allowed me to be more present with my partner, and I felt more myself.


My ability to communicate improved. I felt centered and clear in a deep way, and a shield or wall within me was removed. These feelings have continued to open and deepen since my session with Katrina.

The ancestral healing was an amazing experience! Since the healing, I feel better. My spirits have been high (not real common for me), and the back pain has lessened! I feel somehow looser or more free; a very good feeling.

/// J.R.

/// S.P.

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